The CORONation: Palawan’s crowning moment with Coron

Dubbed as the Most Beautiful Island in the World by Conde Nast Travel and Travel + Leisure, Palawan never fails to mesmerize its visitors and locals over and over again. Effortlessly, the islands of Palawan show the beauty of nature in the most adventurous, most delving, and most fun possible for tourists from the well-planned ones to the backpackers.

In focus, we are going to explore the beautiful paradise of Coron, Palawan. Oftentimes, people are wondering which is better between Coron and El Nido because these two municipalities are the most popular places to visit. We recommend you that as much as possible, you try everything Palawan has to offer, but when it comes to cost, Coron definitely gives cheaper rates than El Nido not compromising the same feeling of serenity, beauty, and nature. Moreover, El Nido is being crowded more by a lot of tourists than Coron.

Just a quick tip before we start our journey: One of the common mistakes when traveling to Palawan is starting off from Puerto Princesa and ending up revisiting Coron and Puerto Princesa going back to Manila. So, make sure to book a flight from Manila to El Nido first, then ride fast crafts to Coron to Puerto Princesa. In that way, you guys will avoid doing a 360 kind of traveling.

There you go…

Let us meet, Coron!

After long days in El Nido trying to savor each destination, you guys will need a relaxing place to forget the problems in the city. While it is comforting to stay in your hotels, it is much better to spend time at Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring.

In Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring, you will meet different kinds of people from families to soloists where everyone shares a common goal – to relax and release stress. The natural heat takes away the stress as you breathe in and out. It is best to not stay long after five in the afternoon since it would be hard to travel back to your hotels at night. Remember, you will have to ride a tricycle and get past through orange-ish rocky roads not mentioning the resting carabaos at the middle.

Talk about serenity and we will talk about Kayangan Lake. Before you witness this gem, you will have to face the area where your boats dock. From there, you will already feel some sort of tribal vibe since some of the locals live there. Help yourself from being amazed when you get there, swear!

sheena 3


Get ready for a physical journey because you will need to come across stairs after stairs going up and down, but it will all be worth it!

shenna 4.png

sheena 5


Voila! With its crystal clear water, Kayangan Lake will take you to a paradise you have never been before. If you can still remember the tales our elders told us where nymphs appear to grant wishes in some body of water, then your imagination has come to life. Kayangan Lake is truly a magical place along with its limestone formations. It is so refreshing that you would forget the stairs you traveled in order to reach the place.     






sheena 6


Did you know that Coron is also described as one of the best spots for wreck diving? It is also known for scuba diving and snorkeling. One of the best places for snorkeling is none other than in Twin Lagoon.




On your way to the destination, you will need accountability with the other passengers from your boat. Your tour guide will let you fall into a line in the water. You will be connected altogether by holding each other’s feet which is very exciting for everyone. This will also help you build relationships even just for some time in your stay. Awwww.

 sheena 7
sheenA 8


The water in Twin Lagoon is described to have brackish water which is a combination of freshwater and salt water. As a result, you will experience contrasting temperatures as you try snorkeling and swimming in the water. At first, you will find it jaw-dropping until you realize, this is how nature rolls!

sheenA 9


Let’s go to the beach, let’s go get away! The beach where most tourists stop over for lunch is Palawan’s pristine Beach 91. Here you will feel as if you are far away. Imagine you are a sim from Sims Castaways. The sand is fine and you will be blown away with your breath by the small waves it creates most especially when it starts to pour a little rain.


Some tourist guides joke about why it is called Beach 91. They will first ask you if you know why. When it is your turn to ask them hoping for an answer, they will just laugh and say they do not know either. There are rumors why it is called Beach 91 such as it because the name was vandalized during the old times, but no confirmed reason answers the question at all.

SHEENA 11.png

SHEENA 12.png

While all the destinations above require at least around P150-P200 pesos each, CYC Beach or Coron Youth Club Beach is for free according to the tourist guides (Rates per destination are paid depending on your tour package.). They say that some of the locals’ children are there to have fun while their parents are busy. But, it is not just the sand that we want you to discover, instead the kayaking experience around CYC Beach. 

This could be your most carefully-driven kayak to date because you do not want to hurt the corals. These corals could get really close depending how near you are to the shore or sometimes, just depending on the formations. Keep in mind that if you wish to drop off on shallows areas, never go barefoot because sea urchins, although unconsciously, will give you the sting of death. It is not fatal, but we are not sure how much pain can you endure. So, be careful. As much as possible, wear aqua shoes.



These wonders of nature are truly a blessing to everyone. In fact, it does not end there for there are a few more places in Coron which are as equally worth it. Having said that,  Palawan is a gift to the Philippines and Coron as a part of it is as precious as any parts of Palawan such as El Nido. Let us not forget that while its beauty attracts a lot of tourists, there are much more important things to consider than just admiring. That is protecting it and taking responsibility of making Coron a more beautiful destination to share others. Little do we know that by just avoiding of throwing anything in the water can already make a difference. It may be a very thoughtful thing to bring home sand or corals for our friends to see, but why not encourage them to go there instead and experience the thrill. After all, everyone is called to be stewards of God’s creation.

–Sheena Jayne Pangco


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